The scalewatcher proprietary technology prevents the formation of damaging scale, removes existing scale, and reduces maintenance all while saving you money.

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Scalewatcher® Customer Testimonials

Roger Bisby 2008"I have been running a Scalewatcher® in my house since January 1993. My test for Home Building and Decorating magazine was completely objective. I can confirm that it worked in accordance with the manufacturer's claims and continues to work very well. In reducing the build up of scale in your hot water system it can save you a considerable amount of money. Tests show that as little as 3 millimetres (3/16th of inch) of scale can increase fuel costs by 15%. Most houses in hard water areas have a lot more than this, so a Scalewatcher® could pay for itself in a couple of years-after which it is putting money into your bank." Roger Bisby - Editor of Home Building and Decorating magazine

"The first effect of the one we tested was to release the scale which had built up within the electric shower, with significantly less scale forming around the bath and basin taps, making it easier to keep the place clean." Practical Householder Magazine

“Within a few days after we installed the Scalewatcher® we noticed a difference. The clear instructions made it very easy to install the unit ourself. We now have no more hard water scale in our entire house. The old hard scale becomes soft and starts coming off." J.T. Indianapolis, IN

Peter Dunning "No problem! I just wanted to say that it's almost 3 weeks since I installed my unit and I have noticed a change already, I have cut the gas hot water setting down to minimal as it was to hot on the setting I had used for the past few years. My dry skin areas on my elbows and feet are slowly clearing up, I always had to use Decloban to help with this problem. And now I have no white streaks on my glasses and cutlery and found that the water is getting silky when using the shower with less soap and shampoo." Peter Dunning

Mrs. Sacramento"Within just a few days of installing the Scalewatcher®, we noticed less water marking on tiled surrounds and splashbacks, and after a few weeks I found that the lime scale deposits were no longer building up and having to be cleaned off taps and the shower head. Our stainless steel sink is much easier to keep clean, and we have decided that it is now worthwhile buying a new bathroom suite, knowing that it will not be ruined by scale as our present one has been." Mrs. Sacramento

"Since Scalewatcher® was installed I have no more hard scale in my bathroom or kitchen, the scale started falling off and the water now feels silkier." A. S. Phoenix, AZ

"I am pleased to report that after six months it appears that your device is progressively removing an accumulation of scale which has built up over a long period... an amazing device, very commendable and satisfactory." D. Hashmere

Fay Moy "I wanted to let your company know your Scalewatcher® is amazing! It's still too early to say how effective long term use since I've received the 3 Star unit only a day ago. But when my husband installed this unit, I've noticed the scum just break off when I tested it out by trying to clean some of my appliances. I couldn't believe the way my bathroom faucet looked shiny again! If my 3 Star unit continued to work this good then it was worth spending the money on your Scalewatcher®. Thank you for having this hard water treatment system and for resolving my water problem." Fay Moy

"Your claims re: Scalewatcher® are more than fully justified... We have already noticed lower fuel bills... all in all we are very pleased with the results and even while this letter is being written Scalewatcher® is going about its job without anyone being aware." P. Clemmonts, Home Builder

 Mrs Dungate "We would like to say that the system we had installed in April 2008 is marvellous, we’ve just had our central heating updated and as the cylinder and thermostat was 17 years old we were persuaded to have them renewed at the same time, when the cylinder was removed from the airing cupboard we were amazed to see the inside and the thermostat were as good as new, so we are pleased to sing the praises of Scalewatcher®.” Mrs Dungate, Spalding

"I’ve had one of your Scalewatcher®s for a year now. The removing of the old scale has been unbelievable, the saving of money is great but me not having to haul bags of salt to the basement is priceless." J. C. Houston, TX

Mr. G. Corker "Like many people I was somewhat dubious if it would work..but 6 months on the results are remarkable i.e.. scale in the kettle all gone no ugly scale deposits around the sink, bath and toilet in short brilliant. So thank you Scalewatcher® for a remarkable product. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to others." Mr. G. Corker, Oxfordshire

"In conclusion, I would certainly recommend this appliance as a sound investment." Mr. McDonnald

Mr. and Mrs. Manning "I am pleased to say it appears to be working satisfactorily. Within a few weeks of installation the showerhead was free of scale, and it is now much easier to clean the shower base and round taps in the basin. I will certainly recommend to anyone who might be interested." Mr. and Mrs. Manning

"The toilet bowls are now scale free which makes them easier to clean. My wife and daughter have noticed that their hair is softer after washing and they use less shampoo." Mr. Abraham

"The most dramatic difference has been in scale removal and the washing machine." Mr. Butler

"I live in a hard water area and have been blighted by all the problems that this brings with it. However, after only 6 weeks of being installed my water supply is really soft, the kettle no longer furs up and my shower appears to have descaled itself." Mr. Danby

Mr. & Mrs. Holt "Once again many thanks for a wonderful product that has lived up to all the claims made by your-selves and has made a huge difference to our water, which has been extremely noticeable within the the items that we use." Mr. & Mrs. Holt

Just wanted to let you know that I am seeing results in only 2 days from installing Scalewatcher® 3 star. The home we purchased here in NM had scale in toilets and showers and DW. Just this morning after 2 days of use, the scale fell off the toilet bowl! It's making a believer out of me." Jack Sample, Edgewood, NM.

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