The scalewatcher proprietary technology prevents the formation of damaging scale, removes existing scale, and reduces maintenance all while saving you money.

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Scalewatcher® is Recognized as Award Winning Technology!

Scalewatcher® was awarded the winner of the “1994 Ideal Home Exhibition’s Award of Excellence” (now "Ideal Home Show") in the environmental category for keeping swimming pools clean, without using excessive corrosive chemicals. Over the years, Scalewatcher® is still the choice technology for pool homeowners and professionals. You will find our pool units installed at fine motels and hotels, spas, olympic sized pools, professional swim training centers, and recreational theme parks.

Facts About Any Controlled Pool of Water with Human Activity

Chlorine is necessary in swimming pools to deal with the bacteria that builds up within the water and treatment plant. Bacteria is introduced via various sources, including the swimmers themselves, and will proliferate in the warm conditions found in the pool. Water evaporation causes the total dissolved solids (TDS) levels to increase to levels far and above those of the incoming water and much of the calcium content coats the surfaces of the pool and associated plant. Body yeast, which is essentially dead skin shed by pool users, adheres to the calcium on the sides of the pool, causing a very stubborn tide mark. This scale becomes both a source of nourishment and accommodation for bacteria which, left untreated, poses potential health problems to users of the pool.

Until Offer Disappears! Appropriate levels of biocide, e.g. chlorine, are continuously maintained so that the risks are removed; the acidity of the pool has to be maintained at a neutral level to ensure this is effective. Maintaining a neutral pH is complicated by the precipitation of the calcium and the changes to pH caused by the biocide. Constant monitoring of free chlorine levels and pH and subsequent adjustments to the chemistry should ensure that the pool remains safe and comfortable, i.e. no pathogens nor stinging of the eyes.

the Scalewatcher® Pool Saver models neutralize the conditions that propagate these problems, nearly eliminating this costly routine. The calcium scale deposits within the pool environment are dissolved back into the water. The results of this lead to a reduction in chemical usage of over 35% and a pool that is literally easier on the eyes. The tiles and stainless fittings look like new again, the water sparkles regardless of pool loading and eye irritation is considerably reduced. Please read the attached PDF HERE for a documented example.
The Scalewatcher® Electronic Descaler Revolutionized the Pool Industry

Especially manufactured for the rigid demands of swimming pools, the Scalewatcher® Pool Saver models are designed for interior and exterior pool installations. These models are hermetically sealed, whereas they can be fitted in pool houses or at the equipment pad. Once you install the Scalewatcher® Pool Saver unit, correctly implemented at the return line after the equipment pad, you will realize these values:

      • The maintenance cost of the swimming pool are proven reduced by up to 50%
      • The chlorine consumption is proven reduced by up to 35%
      • Scale deposits will gradually disappear from swimming pool walls and edges
      • Scale accumulations are dissolved from inside the plant and filters
     • Never will the filter sand or membranes solidify again
      • All waterline residue will disappear without the aid of cleaning
      • Pump maintenance will be reduced and the life extended considerably
      • Stainless steel fittings and fixtures recover luster like new
      • Costly stabilizers are no longer required to correct pH balance
      • Reduced chemistry means reduced eye irritations
      • Bacteria, algae and pathogens are reduced to zero

The Scalewatcher® Pool Saver models will pay for themselves in a very short time, over the years, save you untold expenses in repair, replacement and cleaning.

Below are three payment options for your convenience. The "Credit Card Purchase" is the easiest method to use. The provision of the PayPal payment option is for customers who wish to use their PayPal account, however, we still encourage customers to use the first option if at all possible. We have also provided Google Checkout again, for those who prefer this method, but again, the "Credit Card Purchase" option is perferred. Payments with PayPal eCheck is treated like a personal check and requires a 3-5 day wait period. Please visit the Layaway Page for the specified terms, whereas the Layaway transaction must be completed on the phone, not from the buttons below.

Scalewatcher Pool Saver SRW1
Supply Voltage: 110V + 10%, 60 Hz
Current Consumption: 1 ma
Power Supply: Internal
Application Voltage: 12 V / DC
Coil Cable: 16 AWG stranded
Maximum Coil Temperature: 230F
Capable of Driving: Two coils
Protection Rated: NEMA 4
Output Reading: LED lights
Max. Enclosure Temperature: +238F
Min. Enclosure Temperature: -40F
Unit Dimensions: 6.3" x 3.9" x 2.5"

Regular Retail Price: $1,028.00  ~  Current Sale Price: $925.20

The Scalewatcher® Pool Saver (SRW1) is especially design with a sealed polysterol gray aluminum waterproof housing. This descaler is designed to treat very hard water (10-25 GPG) for pipes up to 1.5” or less after the equipment pad. Recommended for swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, large aquariums and other water retention of similar size with high humidity content. It ships in a box with the dimension of 20” x 11.8” x 15.75” and weighs 3lbs with all contents. Covered by 12 Month Money Back Guarantee and 5 Year Warranty on this device. For use on PVC, CPVC, Kitex, copper, or galvanized pipes outdoors.
Scalewatcher Pool Saver SRW2
Supply Voltage: 230V+20% or 110V+10% 60Hz Current Consumption: < 100 mA
Power Supply: External adaptor
Application Voltage: 12 V / DC
Coil cable: Three core, 0.75 mm
Maximum Coil Temperature: +256F
Capable of Driving: Two coils or in series
Protection Rated: NEMA 3R
Output Reading: LED lights
Max. Ambient Temperature: +140F
Min. Ambient Temperature: -10F
Unit Dimensions: 7.9" x 7.9" x 2.4”

SRW2 Regular Retail Price: $1,393.00  ~  Our Current Sale Price: $1,299.00

SRW4 Regular Retail Price: $1,995.00  ~  Our Current Sale Price: $1,899.00

SRW8 Regular Retail Price: $2,975.00  ~  Our Current Sale Price: $2,859.00

The Scalewatcher® Pool Saver (SRW2, SRW4 & SRW8) is our Extra Heavy Duty Waterproof unit specially designed for large residential, commercial, city, hotels pools, and recreational parks. Both the unit itself and the wrapping coil are constructed with heavy-duty water resistant materials. The SRW2 can be used for pipes up to 2 inches in diameter, used on water with a hardness of above 25 GPG but less that 50 GPG. Model SRW4 is for 4” return lines and SRW8 is for 8” return lines or less after the equipment pad. Covered by 12 Month Money Back Guarantee and 5 Year Warranty on this device. For use on PVC, CPVC, Pex, Kitex, copper, steel or galvanized pipes.

Notes: For swimming pools that have more than three circulation pumps, a minimum of one Scalewatcher® unit is required for every three pumps. Customers wishing to use additional units to achieve more rapid cleaning of previous scale accumulations should buy these from their retailer for this purpose. When using a Scalewatcher® to protect a swimming pool, one must thoroughly flush the sand filters with fresh water after emptying the pool at the end of the summer.
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