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Privacy Policy Notice

This Privacy Policy Notice discloses the privacy policies of Team 1 One, llc. and its affiliates. The Company is referred to herein collectively as "we" or "us."

Protecting your privacy is a top priority

We realize that our ability to offer products and services depends on the personal and financial information we collect from you. We value your business and are committed to maintaining your trust. That is why we have made your privacy a top priority.

The information we have and where we get it

We may collect and maintain nonpublic, personal information we receive from you directly on applications, other forms or our website, and from your transactions with unaffiliated parties and us. This information includes, for example, your name, address, Social Security or tax identification number, assets, income, financial needs and goals, account balances, and transactions, including transactions with unaffiliated parties.

How we use this information

We may share all of the information we collect among the affiliates as part of the ordinary course of providing financial products and services to you, for the purpose of offering you new products and services to address your financial needs, for product development purposes and as otherwise required or permitted by law.

To assist in our business dealings with you, we may also share this information with companies other than the Companies that perform services, including marketing services, on our behalf (such as vendors that package and mail our investor statements and marketing research firms that enhance our ability to market our products and services). We do not share your information with mailing list or direct marketing companies. Thus, the information you provide to us will not result in unwanted solicitations from third-party marketers.

Finally, on some occasions we may disclose information because we are legally required to do so or in other legally limited circumstances. This information may also be disclosed in connection with the proposed or actual sale or merger of all or a portion of a business or operating unit.

Except as described above, and except for information we provide to nonaffiliated third parties as otherwise required or permitted by law, we do not share information about you with nonaffiliated third parties.

Security of personal financial information

We restrict access to information about you to those employees we determine need to know that information to provide products and services to you. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect this information.

With respect to those of you who provide information to us via our websites in order to view your account activity or conduct transactions, we use 128-bit SSL encryption security with passwords to ensure a safe transmission of data between you and us. Information you provide is stored and transmitted in a secure environment, accessible only by a select group of people who are given a secure passcode to access the information.

If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy Notice, please write to us at:

Team 1 One, llc.
attn. Customer Privacy
1350C W Southport Rd, Ste 188,
Indianapolis, IN 46217

Former clients

If, for whatever reason, our client relationship with you ends, we will preserve your information as necessary to comply with applicable laws. The measures we take to protect the privacy of client information, as described in this Privacy Policy Notice, will continue to apply to you.

We also will comply with more restrictive state laws to the extent they apply.

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy Notice, and any of the policies described above, at any time. The examples contained within this Privacy Policy Notice are illustrations; they are not intended to be exclusive.

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