The scalewatcher proprietary technology prevents the formation of damaging scale, removes existing scale, and reduces maintenance all while saving you money.

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Scalewatcher® Press Release

Tremendous Water Savings Now Possible for Cooling Towers
and Evaporative Condensers

PRWeb Press Release Newswire, January 2007

The patented system will save at least 50 % on water blow down by replacing the traditional chemical scale inhibitors.

Oxford, PA (PRWEB) January 2, 2007 -- A 500 tons cooling tower in North Carolina was using 4587900 gallons annually. The water was chemically treated to prevent scaling. After the installation of the non invasive Scalewatcher® product to prevent scaling without the use of chemicals the water consumption was reduced to 2086400 the next year. This is a saving of more than 50 %.

At a price of water/sewage of $0.007/gallon this represents a total saving of $17510.60 each year. By setting the TDS controller to a set point of 1800 PPM instead of 1600 PPM the savings became even more. The approach temperature in the chiller condenser is now running at 3.5 -3.8 degrees which is the same when the cooling system was installed, indicating the absence of scale build-up.

The Scalewatcher® product line is manufactured in the USA by Scalewatcher® North America Inc. Oxford Pa. The system uses electric and magnetic fields to promote crystal growth in the bulk of the water. Crystals do not have a surface charge and will therefore not adhere to pipe walls or other surfaces. They float with the water until discharged by regular blow down. As chemical scale inhibitors increase the TDS of the cooling water very quickly, blow down starts as soon as the set point of the TDS level is reached in an automated blow down system. By not using these chemicals it will take longer before the set point is reached and that is where the savings come from. In addition the set point can be set at a higher level, generating even more savings.

"In my opinion it should be compulsory (enforced by law) to install this kind of scale preventing devices instead of using chemicals," said Jan P. de Baat Doelman, President Scalewatcher® North America Inc. "Total water savings in the United States of America will be beyond imagination."

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