The scalewatcher proprietary technology prevents the formation of damaging scale, removes existing scale, and reduces maintenance all while saving you money.

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Other Hard Water and Scaling Solutions

If you have hard water problems you have several choices:

1. Ignore It - Usually the most expensive option leading to damage to your hot water system, washing machine, taps, showers, irons, coffee machines. ALSO leads to higher fuel costs (1/4" of scale in your hot water system increases cost by 40%), hard water marks around taps and basins, extra soap costs and the damaging effect to sensitive skin.

2. Buy a Water Softener - Costs depend on size but are between $645 and $900 and between $55 and $275 per year on salt. You also have to remember to fill the softener with salt and it is not recommended to drink the water. Will not solve scale or it's build up.

3. Buy a Magnet or Other In-Line Device - Magnets that clip onto the pipe cost from $45-$185. These are usually found to be partially effective and tend only to work under ideal flow conditions. The water generally stays treated for only a short period and therefore to treat the whole house a number of these are needed and the effect is generally not powerful enough to remove existing scale. Other in-line devices are usually either electrolytic or catalytic and have been found to suffer some of the same limitations as magnets with variable results.

4. Buy a Scalewatcher® - A Stopwaterscalees the same principle as magnets but uses powerful high audio frequency signals that are designed to effectively treat all water condition and flow rates. The water stays treated for 5 days or more and one unit can therefore treat the whole house. Existing scale is removed with consequent saving on hot water costs and if you have sensitive or dry skin you will be amazed by the relief Scalewatcher® gives you.

Proven in industry over many years, the Scalewatcher® brings the latest scale prevention technology to your home. The six month performance guarantee gives you the assurance of effective scale treatment or your money refunded. The cost is usually a fraction of that of a water softener with a running cost of around $6 a year. If it sounds to good to be true then try one - you will be amazed by the results.

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