The scalewatcher proprietary technology prevents the formation of damaging scale, removes existing scale, and reduces maintenance all while saving you money.

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Easy-Pay Layaway from Scalewatcher®

The Scalewatcher Brand Really Works

Easy-Pay Layaway offers an easy payment plan for any Scalewatcher® purchase. Call our toll free or local number listed on the left to order, then make 3 equal payments in 3 months time. Upon the final payment your selected descaler will be shipped to you. If you allow us to keep you credit card on file, will can ship the product out immediately, and charge your card in 3 equal payments over 3 months. This can be helpful for anyone who has a limited income or who wish to manage their expenses by wisely spreading out purchases.

Easy-Pay Layaway
program does not charge an interest fee and payments can be made by any of the payment options shown on the website. However, in order to setup a Layaway, you will need to call us to make the proper arrangements. As always, all Scalewatcher® products are covered by the product designated Satisfaction Guarantee policy. This applies to all Easy-Pay Layaway purchases. All the warranties do not start until the last payment is received.

Minimum one third selling price initial deposit is needed to lock in the sale price and start the Easy-Pay Layaway program. Payment is needed to reserve the product in inventory. Early payoffs are encouraged whenever possible. No adjustments may be made once your order has been placed, as the descaler has already been set aside especially for you. The Easy-Pay Layaway agreement is a legal commitment between the customer (Buyer) and

If you wish to make the process automatic, a credit card can be encrypted on file, and we will charge equal portions every 30 days and ship the Scalewatcher® purchase immediately. After the last payment, your credit card information will be deleted and our data storage purged.

Should the item(s) purchased under the Layaway plan go "on sale" at a lower price than the one purchased, the Buyer, will have the option to pre-pay in full for the purchase that will be discounted to match the current price.

CANCELLATION TERMS: You may cancel your Layaway plan at any time unless we have shipped the product to you, and payment up to the cancellation will be refunded. However, we do have to charge a 15% restocking fee for product space leased. There will be no exceptions. our policies are extra gracious, whereas most companies refuse any refund on cancellation. The 15% is applied against the total retail price.

If any Layaway payment is 10 days overdue, you will receive a cancellation notice. If no payment (or alternate arrangement) is made within 5 days of written notice, we reserve the right to cancel the Layaway. No refunds will be made in the event of failed communications or neglect of payment after the presented times.

FAILED PAYMENT METHOD: If your credit card is denied for any payment, we will send you a reminder email that the payment is due. We will then process your card again 3 days after your reminder email was sent. If your card is denied a second time, your order will be canceled and all received payments will be forfeited. If the item was already shipped, it must be returned to avoid legal pursuits.

ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS: Upon receiving your Layaway order, you will be sent an email giving you your Layaway total with shipping amount and any taxes if they apply (only Indiana residents) and an outline of your terms, payment dates, payment amounts and acceptance of terms statement. This email must be replied to stating that you accept all Layaway terms. If you do not, your Layaway will be cancelled.

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