The scalewatcher proprietary technology prevents the formation of damaging scale, removes existing scale, and reduces maintenance all while saving you money.

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Installation Instructions for Your Scalewatcher®

Locate the incoming water supply, and if possible, find a straight length of pipe after the water meter (if any) of at least four inches. The pipe can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. The 3 Star unit has to be installed indoors. (Wet conditions require a waterproof unit, eg. the WPHD). However, if there is not enough space in the house for the coil, the coil can be wrapped around the pipe in the open air. In that case, cover the coil with duct tape to protect it from moisture and rain.

Distance Between Coil and Control Box

The new high powered Star units can be mounted 10 to 20 feet away from the coil if necessary. We include 39 feet of wire with the 3 Star model. It takes about 14 feet for 2x20 wraps of coil on a 1" pipe, which allows for a maximum of 12 feet of cable length (each way) from controller to coil.

Installing the Coil

Secure the middle of the cable to the pipe with a cable tie. (Image 1). Make 20 windings with one half of the cable, starting at the vertical arrow of Image 2. The horizontal arrow gives the winding direction. Secure the last winding with a cable tie. Start winding the second half of the cable on top of the first layer with 20 windings following the direction of the cable (Image 3), in such a way, that when done both cable ends are on opposite sides of the pipe and on one side of the coil. (Image 4). Secure again with a cable tie. Cut the cable to appropriate length to reach the location where you will mount the energizing unit and remove 0.2" of the insulation of both cable ends. Insert the cable ends in the spring connector, polarity is not important.

Mounting the Control Box

Use the four screws and if necessary the wall anchors to mount the control box to the wall. A screwdriver and a drill are needed. You can mount the unit horizontal or vertical.

Putting the Scalewatcher® into Operation

Insert the 12VDC plug of the adaptor into the power jack at the side of the Scalewatcher® and connect the adaptor to either 110V or 220 V AC. The bar graph should start flashing indicating coil connected and correct signal being generated. The LED's should behave as follows: two bottom lights constantly ON, lights above flashing in a continuous up and down motion.


LED'S fail to light up: Verify coil connections, verify power supply. If the problem persists contact

Two bottom LED's flicker instead of cycling up and down: Unplug the unit, wait a few seconds and plug back on. (This reboots the system).

If you wish to review the actual installation manual for the 3 Star Scalewatcher®, Click Here. For any installation questions please contact

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