The scalewatcher proprietary technology prevents the formation of damaging scale, removes existing scale, and reduces maintenance all while saving you money.

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Benefits of Industrial Scalewatcher® Descaler Solutions

Mineral Scaling: Scalewatcher® is able to prevent scaling and remove existing layers of scale without chemicals. There are numerous examples in the Industrial industry with many successful applications. Launching the product in 1991 initiated Universities to research this phenomenon which at the time not really understood. Now the technology is widely accepted. Thanks to managers of companies in Industry who in the early days, were not afraid of the skeptics while evaluating the performance of Scalewatcher® in the field. Physical water treatment has pushed back the use of chemicals, and will continue to do so.

Slime: A side effect that was to be expected is the fact that bacterial counts in process water will dramatically be reduced due to the cleaning effect of Scalewatcher®. The breading ground of bacterial disappears, so will the bacterial. This effect is noticeable in swimming pools but also in cooling towers. When using a Scalewatcher®, a cooling tower can run without chemicals, to inhibit scale, corrosion and the growth of bio-film.

Rust: Another amazing side effect of the product on iron pipes with oxygen containing water is that rust is not formed anymore; rust will be now removed and replaced by a very thin black protective layer, called Magnetite. There are chemicals creating the same effect; Scalewatcher®TM does it in a natural way using harmless magnetic and electric fields, without the burden of recurring costs and without polluting the water.

Water disposal: In the civilized world Industry has to pay for its disposal of water. Blow down of steam boilers or cooling towers are examples. As most of this equipment uses automatic blow down based on the electrical conductivity of water, it is easily seen why water can be saved. The longer it takes before a certain conductivity level is reached the fewer blow downs. Adding chemicals to water will Increase the conductivity. Savings of at least 50 % in water usage is possible. The total savings on water usage, cost of water disposal and cost of chemicals gives an extremely quick return on a one time.

Below are some most common applications of the Scalewatcher®

Fire Tube Steam Boilers - Body temperature will drop with 10C, less consumption of fuel or energy, dryer steam, fewer blow downs. Blow down water will become dirty, indicating that the dirt leaves the boiler. If you want to install the Scalewatcher® on a steam boiler please consult your supplier first.

Cooling Towers - Not only scale will disappear, also slime caused by bacteria will be reduced or totally eliminated. Savings on water discharge (and usage) drops significantly as soon as the Scalewatcher® is installed and the use of scale inhibitors is stopped. Water savings of 50 to 90% are possible.

For two reasons:

  1. Less or no chemicals are used; therefore the electrical conductivity or TDS level will rise very slowly increasing the time that the same water can be used until blow down is necessary.
  2. The TDS level on which blow down starts can be set at a higher level, this will increase the number of concentrations.

Install the Scalewatcher® on the cold water side (output) of the tower provided the water is circulated. If a one pass cooling system is used install the Scalewatcher® before the equipment.

Evaporative Condensers - Install the Scalewatcher® on the vertical circulation pipe after the pump. The user will notice less or no scaling, clearer water, no algae grow.

Municipal Water Supply - The Scalewatcher® product will keep pipes clean over a long distance and can be used to protect pumps and pipe lines.

Municipal Swimming Pools - Scalewatcher® will stabilize the pH, prevent mineral scaling and will reduce bacterial count significantly. The usage of Chlorine can be reduced up to 50 % depending on the hardness of the water. Sand filters last longer.

Industrial Light Range Industrial Heavy Range
The Scalewatcher® smaller capability Industrial range descaler is usable for Industry where mounting space is limited or not available. Application is ideal for protecting cooling towers, boilers, heat exchangers, chillers and process water lines etc. If water is contaminated choose a higher model. The IE2, IE4, IE8 are for light Industrial use only.
The Industrial 5-6 range is to be used for heavy Industry i.e. paper factories, steel-, oil/offshore-, plastic-, chemical-, and sewer Industry and for protecting cooling towers, boilers, heat exchangers, chillers, process water lines etc. The range HIME24 and hime40 is used for the larger pipe sizes. HIME24 is rated up to a 24” pipe, HIME40 is rated up to a 40” pipe.

Please contact us so we can help you determine the appropriate equipment to meet your companies descaling needs. Over sizing or up rating will produce superior results but may be over spending! You definitely don’t want to under size, this produces little to no results wasting your investment! Please contact us using our form or use the number on the left.

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