The scalewatcher proprietary technology prevents the formation of damaging scale, removes existing scale, and reduces maintenance all while saving you money.

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About Scalewatcher® North America and Team 1 One, LLC

Scalewatcher® is the original manufacturer of electronic de-scaling technology used throughout Europe, Asia, and South Africa with assembly facilities in the Netherlands, S.E. Asia and now, in the U.S. First introduced in Europe in 1989, following the award of two patents for its development, Scalewatcher® offers an impressive list of benefits particularly for manufacturers of all types, municipalities, agriculturalists, and operators of refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, power generation, waste disposal equipment, golf courses and property managers. To date, Scalewatcher® has enjoyed success worldwide, and new applications are being discovered almost daily.

The Scalewatcher Brand Really Works

The Scalewatcher® Electronic Descaling System has taken the principals of magnetic descaling into the 21st century. Its simplicity of installation, ability to save costs on maintenance, downtime and chemicals, and to supersede less environmentally friendly methods of scale inhibition have all been paramount in its success. Installation does not require plant shutdown, nor uses the system any chemicals and there is not contact with the water.

The Scalewatcher® product line has been developed by Scalewatcher® North America Inc since 1993, also owning the registered trademark and international patents. The Scalewatcher® Systems are now sold through Scalewatcher® companies throughout the world covering North America, Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, and South East Asia. Early in 2005 they reorganized the company to better serve the needs of the North American public. Scalewatcher®'s initial success began in the United States when a series of field trials on boilers, calorifiers and heat exchangers proved, without doubt, the Scalewatcher® was an effective means of descaling water systems and equipment.

Since those early field trials, Scalewatcher® has been refined and adapted to treat a wide range of applications for a cross section of industries ranging from hotels to chemical plants (including oil rigs in the North Sea) and from plastics manufacturers to paper mills. Domestic units are also manufactured to treat hard water in every size and type of home ranging from a one bed room apartment to a large mansion.

In the US, alternative water treatment products are fast becoming a necessity. Government pressures to regulate salt discharge in water treatment systems and a concern over the use of caustic chemicals in preventing and removing scale has expanded the water treatment market to a point where it is expected to grow to over $2 billion. Where America leads the rest of the world often follows and Scalewatcher® is poised to accept the challenge.

Scalewatcher® North America backs all its product with a guarantee that it works or your money is refunded. It is made to uncompromising quality standards with the best components and is guaranteed for 10 years with an expected life of at least 20 years. Since its launch 18 years ago, the global sales network has report an unprecedented 98% success rate under the guarantee.

Our Mission at Team 1 One, LLC

Our mission is to provide you the customer a chemical free, salt free, maintenance free and hazard free alternative for the traditional water softener, second to none.

Also an alternative for the use of toxic scale inhibitors used in Commercial and Industrial Industry. Not just to reduce energy cost but to help reduce if not eliminate the hazardous waste these chemicals bring into our environment .

TEAM 1 ONE, LLC., was started with one goal. Make available the best products in the World to our customers and support them with friendly, respectful and prompt service.

TEAM 1 ONE, LLC., is proud of it’s affiliation with this highly regarded product and is happy to provide any additional information. Simply contact us in one of the methods listed below.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all you who have purchased and supported our product over these many years. Our distribution is realized through dedicated distributors like TEAM 1 ONE, LLC., including Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia. Up to date, over 200,000 units have been sold all around the globe, in more than forty countries.

Thank you again for your support and God Bless.

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